Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Danielle Donaldson's Creative Girl

Jeanne Oliver is having a wonderful giveaway  of Danielle Donaldson's Creative Girl book!  I love the whimsy and colors  of Danielle's artwork.  I also love mix media and look forward to learning from her.  I have never painted in watercolors, but this book makes me want to learn or at the very least have fun and play with watercolors!

Please visit Jeanne Oliver's blog posting for more details:

I am registered to attend a class with Danielle Donaldson, hosted by Jeanne Oliver at Old Glory Antiques on August 22nd.  We will be taking my daughter Laura to CSU (Colorado State University) on Thursday, August 20th.  Laura will move into her dorm on the 20th while we participate in parent/family activities at CSU.  This will be the start of an exciting new chapter for my daughter, but one that will require many adjustments to our daily family life as we know it.

In an effort to help me cope, I decided to sign up for this class with Danielle Donaldson.  Being creative in one form or another is how I cope with life.  This will be MY therapy!  Thanks Danielle and Jeanne!

This is one of my favorite illustrations posted on Jeanne Oliver's giveaway blog posting, created by Danielle Donaldson.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Repurposed Vintage Embroidered Linens into Pin Cushions in Vintage Molds

My last blog posting was over a month ago.

  Summer months are always a mix bag for me.

My creativity is more sporadic and unpredictable.
 I feel a pull in different directions during the summer months.

Since my last blog posting

We enjoyed a few days in Estes Park, CO where we enjoyed a few hikes, fishing (hiked to a lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, visited with former Houston neighbors who have a summer home in Estes Park and even spent time at the YMCA of the Rockies craft room!)

A few days later, the kids and I went on our annual road trip to El Paso, Texas to visit my parents, sister, nephews, niece and other family members. We celebrated a few birthdays and spent quality time with family.  Kids and I cherish this time.

After two weeks in El Paso, I continued working on my vintage linen pin cushions created using vintage embroidered linens and various vintage molds, including Jell-O and heart shape molds.

We were back home for just a week when the kids and I went back on the road for a short trip to Ft. Collins, CO for my daughter's student/parent orientation at CSU (Colorado State University).
Exhausting but very informative 2 days.

Now, we are back home and looking forward to staying home.  

In between all this traveling I am rather surprised I managed to stay focused to get more than 75 new pin cushions done.  My next show will be September 5th at A Paris Street Market.

Until then, I have several goals:

My craft room is a mess...again.  Need to work on it!

I have a long list of items I want to create, including creating Halloween items.

I am hoping to re-open my Etsy shop.  

However, like I tell my daughter, let's focus on what we have accomplished and not so much on what we still need to accomplish!  So with that in mind, I am happy to share 
my new pincushion  photos I posted on
my Instagram  and Facebook account for Isa Creations Vintage.

I am not sure how to link my Instragram account but here it goes

And, here is what I created during our trip to Estes Park (YMCA of the Rockies craft center).  A large wooden lazy susan with a house mosaic design.  I still need to paint the edge of the wood and the base.

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Paris Street Market, June 2015

Thanks to everyone for another successful show at A Paris Street Market  this past weekend.  The weather cooperated...for the most part.  Morning was sunny and beautiful.  Early afternoon a brief rain shower went through.  Laura and I were able to cover things up before the rain started and thankfully it was mild and brief we were able to uncover everything pretty quickly. 

Here are the photos from the show:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Soldered Pendants and Vintage Lace, Trim & Hankies

Talk about taking a leap of faith in my creative endeavors.  I have always admired soldered pendants and now I know why they are typically so expensive to purchase.

In an effort to learn as many ways as possible to repurpose vintage linens like lace, trim and hankies,
I decided it was time to make an investment in funds and time
to learn how to solder.

First I purchased several books I spent time reading & studying.
Watched several videos, although I have to say I had to trust the books more.
Put together a list of essential tools & supplies.
Invested in a Weller 100 Soldering Iron
Visited my local soldering glass store.
Learned how to cut glass at the store and purchased more tools!
I have played with it
Even burned myself....just a bit.

I had to ask myself.  What if I purchase all these items and then I can't do it?  All the books say, you have to be patient and practice.  It does take lots of patience and  practice.  It also says refrain from re-working the piece to try to make it perfect, because you will just get frustrated.   
I can be patient but it is really hard to not want to re-work the piece.  Believe me, I struggled with this aspect but just kept telling myself, this is a handcrafted item.  Created by me, not a machine.
Naturally, I had to learn the hard way to just let it go.
I have some ruined pieces to teach me that lesson.

I am so glad I took that leap of faith in myself!
I am more comfortable with soldering and in time hope to improve upon this new skill.
Although I have invested lots of time and even more money that I planned, I am happy I have jumped into soldering jewelry pendants using vintage linens.

I will have a small batch of Soldered Pendants available at 
A Paris Street Market this Saturday, June 6, 2015
at Aspen Grove.

Here are the pictures of some of my packaged soldered pendants with a 24 inch length chain all created using Lead-Free Silvergleem Solder.

Now, here are some closeup photos of my new soldered pendants before packaging.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Published in Sew Somerset!

This past month has been busy to say the least! Here are the highlights since my last posting...

 I had planned on posting pictures from the Spring Horseshoe Market. 
Clearly, that post did not happen.
 When you live in Colorado, you can't assume you won't be cold in May. 
The Spring Horseshoe Market started with a rainy setup
Fighting the elements during setup is not fun
it's part of the business!
Outdoor Markets are Rain or Shine!
Rain on it's own is not too bad;
combine that with cold temperatures...
not a good combination;
Grateful to so many loyal Horseshoe Market customers
who came despite the rain and cold
Later in the day,
the Sun came out
briefly, but it did appear!
Damp clothes and cold 
meant I was cold the entire day!
Grateful for my friend Amy's husband,
who took care of both of us...
Pink Attic Cat Booth
Isa Creations Booth
were next to each other!
Coffee, lunch run and blankets!
Thank you Greg!
Show ended 1 hour early
so we could pack up before
heavy rain came!
Packed up in light rain but did avoid
any heavy downpour.
It's been raining EVERYDAY for weeks now.
Tired of the rain but grateful we have not experienced
the torrential flooding  rain in my home state of Texas,
 especially my old home in Houston.TX.
Hopeful it will be a warm sunny day at my next show
June 6th!

On a personal note, so very proud of my daughter Laura who graduated from Columbine High School this past weekend.  Graduation was held at the convention center's Bellco Theatre.  Comic Con was also being held at the convention center this past weekend.  It made for a memorable and entertaining graduation day!  So happy my dear friend from High School, Rosella,  made the trip from El Paso, TX to attend her god-daughter's high school graduation.  Having Rosella here made it easy for me to reminisce my own high school days.  As I see my daughter with her friends, I'd like to think her friendships can also be lifelong!

Finally, on a happy small business note:
I am so happy and grateful that my House Coin Purses have been published in the Summer 2015
Stampinton & Co. issue of

I love this issue, so many creative and inspiring artist!  I am very humbled to be a part of it! 
 I really need to get my act together and list these houses on my sadly neglected Etsy shop!  I hoped to have that done before the issue came out but it did not happen.

UPDATE -- June 3, 2015 I updated blog posting by replacing photos taken with my phone with new pictures taken with my SLR Canon camera.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Horseshoe Market - Rain or Shine this Saturday!

Although rain is definitely in the forecast for this Saturday, I am optimistic the worst of the rain will come AFTER Horseshoe Market is over.  It opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m. 

  I, along with all the vendors at Horseshoe Market, will be there!

I will have a new item.  Oddly enough, it's paper garlands sealed with clear vinyl to keep them from being ruined by the rain.   I will sell each "flag" a la carte, along with an option to buy rick rack or other trim.  You can chose the colors and length of your garland or bunting.   These are beautifully laser cut papers protected from the elements so you can use them to decorate outdoors for parties. 

Here is a preview:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Paris Street Market, May 2nd, 2015

It is now Tuesday and I am must getting to posting pictures from last Saturday's, A Paris Street Market. 

Worried the week before about the rain forecast for Saturday May 2nd...

Sunny skies with occasionally cloudy skies but NO RAIN!  At least not during the market hours!

Great day at the market!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped me have a successful day!

I want to especially thank my dear friend, Lisa Iannacito who came by after working all night at the hospital.  She is a nurse, who like me, loves all things vintage.  She came early in the morning to hang out and help me at the market. 

With my daughter Laura getting ready to graduatte high school, I missed having her helping me at the market.  Laura has been my helper for several years.  I will have to get use to doing the markets without her since she will be going away to college this August!

I am grateful my husband and son Alex (age 11) woke up at dawn (not kidding) to help me setup at A Paris Street Market.   My daughter, Laura, did come help me at the end of the day after she was done with her volunteer hours to full-fill her National Honor Society requirements.  I appreciate her coming at the end of the day to  help me pack up my booth.  Especially since that is when I am feeling pretty exhausted.   I will really miss seeing her everyday this coming August when she goes away to school.

Sunday, my son Alex and I had a movie date.  We went to see the Avenger's Movie.  I think I enjoyed watching his reaction to all the movie previews the most!  He could barely contain his enthusiasm when we saw previews for Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Batman vs. Superman!  I promised him we would see them all!

Monday, most of my day was spent working on the announcement card for Laura's graduation.  On one side I have pictures of her from 1st through 12th grade.  It took time to gather the photos and scan the school pictures but it was well worth the time and effort.  The front of the card has a photo of her in Kindergarten along with her Senior picture.  Thanks to Sam's Club, I was able to have everything printed the same day.  I was up till 1 a.m. addressing all the graduation announcements. They were all mailed early this morning.

Today, I spent time helping my friend Amy at her shop, The Pink Attic Cat.
Most Tuesdays, you will find me at the Pink Attic Cat.
A sampling of Isa Creations can be found at the Pink Attic Cat.

Quick reminder:  Isa Creations will be at the Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market this Saturday.

So finally, here are some highlight pictures of my booth at A Paris Street Market.